The Global Amphibian Biodiversity (GAB) Project goes live!

After a couple of years of silent, organised, devoted and immensely rewarding work in the development of the GAB Project’s global-scale dataset on the ecology, evolution, conservation and distribution of the world’s amphibians, the project is finally going live! As the project goes along we will develop the broad range of resources and services that this endeavour aims to make freely available to whoever needs scientific and technical support related with the biology of these extraordinarily diverse, yet alarmingly threatened vertebrates. These resources, all centrally managed through the GAB Project online repository, span a range of elements including updates about the research emerging from this project, the open-access storage of global-scale datasets that will be available to the scientific and nature-keen international community, a section where we will commit to provide technical (i.e., evidence-based) advice to formal organisations working with biodiversity and environmental issues, a section on ‘citizen science’ in which all those nature-lovers whether from inside or outside the formal scientific community will be welcomed to take part in the development of these resources, as well as a few other sections covering details such as the scientific team responsible for this project and the support of a range of extraordinarily generous organisations that make our project possible. And, last but not least, this very blog, which will be the truly bridge of contact between the scientific engine behind the GAB Project and the global community willing to get in touch, advice with their views and insight, comment on relevant topics, and interested in being updated about the many awesome research that several groups of scientists from around the world regularly publish in scientific journals. We also have an active twitter account which will also keep us in tune with the rest of the world in real time.

We welcome ourselves to the world, and welcome anyone willing to be part of our project in one way or another. We all get to be fascinated and sustained by the overwhelming diversity of life on Earth, and it is therefore our job to find ways and approaches to operate as a coordinated and active community to deal with the modern challenges we face. This is the vision of the GAB Project and we believe we share this vision with millions of people around the planet. So please stay in touch and stay in action!